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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geosciences

Chair of Social and Population Geography - Prof. Dr. Eberhard Rothfuß

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Welcome to the Research Group Social Geography

We focus on socio-spatial lifeworlds in Africa, in America and in Europe.

In our research, we employ a comparative perspective.


Our Topics

  • Global Urban Societies

  • Climate Change & Renewable Energies

  • Qualitative Research

  • Spatial & Social Justice

  • Sustainability & Transformation

  • ​​​Phenomenology of Space

Our aim is to bring interdisciplinary research together.

This is made possible by the multi-perspective approaches of Social Geography, a discipline that has well-founded empirical fieldwork and theoretical reflections as its foundation.

Key to our work is a profound knowledge in relevant social and spatial theories, current academic debates, and the variety of qualitative and quantitative methodologies.​​​


We are a member of

BRIAS (Bavarian Research Institute of African Studies​)Hide

With the growing importance of the African continent it is increasingly important to sensitize society for African issues. The foundation for this is BRIAS. To render the scientific expertise of the participating universities more visible at the key spots of politics and society the University of Bayreuth, the Technichal University of Ingolstadt, the University of Neu-Ulm and the University of Würzburg agreed upon a cooperation - BRIAS.

IAS (International African Studies)Hide
IAS Logo

As the central coordination point for the Africa focus, the IAS bundles and coordinates Africa-related research and teaching, stimulates interdisciplinary research projects, supports Africa-related third-party funding applications and promotes cooperation with African universities and research institutions, with national and international Africa institutes and other relevant organizations.

IFLG (Institut für Fränkische Landesgeschichte)Hide

The Forschungskolleg Franken of the IFLG combines epoch-spanning research of various disciplines dealing with the diverse manifestations of structural change in Franconia.​

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