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Faculty of Biology, Chemistry and Geosciences

Chair of Social and Population Geography - Prof. Dr. Eberhard Rothfuß

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Theses and Internships

There are many different opportunities to participate in research and practice in the field of social and population geography. Topics for theses and projects are listed below. Interesting internships related to social and population geography are also advertised here.





Jugendzukunftswerkstatt: Jugendpartizipation in der Stadt neu denken und Jugendliche in Stadtplanung einbeziehen (Abschlussarbeiten im Rahmen eines Forschungsprojektes zur Jugendzukunftswerkstatt Kulmbach Stadt und Landkreis)Dr. Matthias Gebauer
MasterA human ecology mapping of forest and land use at the Czech-Bavarian Border: Politics, Practices and Perceptions

Dr. Matthias Gebauer


The sense of preservation: Mapping and Evaluating land use, nature preservation politics and practices in the national parks “Bayerischer Wald” and “Šumava”

Dr. Matthias Gebauer

Geopolitics of Energy Infrastructure - (focusing on either Africa, Asia or Latin America) and we may consider new projects like Germany’s ongoing (huge) investments

in Green Hydrogen in Namibia or countless Chinese Investments in territorial infrastructure in the Global South.

PD Dr. Festus Boamah

Just Transition and Mortality Dilemmas

PD Dr. Festus Boamah

Ethical Dimensions of Off-grid Electrification in the Global South

PD Dr. Festus Boamah

Why Law Matters in "Climate Refugee" Concerns 

PD Dr. Festus Boamah
Master*Energy Democracy PD Dr. Festus Boamah
Master*Corruption Perspectives in the Extractive Sector PD Dr. Festus Boamah
Master*Global Change and Ethical Dimensions Digital Activism PD Dr. Festus Boamah
Master*Legal Pluralism and Resource Governance Dilemmas in Africa PD Dr. Festus Boamah
Master*Beyond Covid-19 PD Dr. Festus Boamah
Master*Beyond Energy Justice PD Dr. Festus Boamah
Master*Beyond Land Grabbing PD Dr. Festus Boamah

*All Master's theses offered by PD Dr. Festus Boamah apply to the degree programs: MA Development Studies, MA EIMAS, Msc Global Change Ecology and Msc Human Geography


Open internship positions with practical relevance to social and population geography are published here. 

First supervised theses

A table with the theses supervised to date can be found via the link.

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